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Glamats-Collabrate With Glamats
Glamats-Collabrate With Glamats

Unleash Your Creativity

——Turn Your Designs into Profits!

Share Your Designs, Earn Commission, and Start Your First Step to Financial Freedom without any cost!

Turn Your Design into A Great Business

Glamats has collaborated with 360+ designers worldwide

Glamats-Custom Yours-Design Draft
Glamats-Custom Yours-Designed Door Mat
Great Business

Are you worried about these issues?

——Don't worry. Galmats has already solved them.

Glamats-Benefit of Collaboration with Glamats-Expand Your Reach

Expand your reach

Want to Showcase Your Designs to a Wider Audience?

Glamats, with 23 years of Mat & Rug expertise and a robust global E-Commerce presence, connects your designs with a Worldwide Audience through our extensive network of distributors and customers.

Glamats-Benefit of Collaboration with Glamats-Increase Income

Increasing income

Worried about impact on studies while earning extra pocket money?

Submit your design and leave the rest to Glamats. You'll earn a 20% commission for each rug you design that gets sold.

Glamats-Benefit of Collaboration with Glamats-Low Budget Startup

No experience need

Afraid of Failure due to lack of business experience?

Glamats is a mature E-Commerce platform with a stable operations team and customer base.

Glamats-Benefit of Collaboration with Glamats-Risk Free


Considering Entrepreneurship but Afraid of Risks?

Choose Plan A and submit your design, earn 20% Commission Without Any Cost.

Collaborate with Galmats

No matter who you are, you are free to contact us, as long as you have design ideas!

Glamats-Why Choose to collabrate with Glamats
Glamats-Why Choose to collabrate with Glamats

Risk Free

PLAN A: Earn Commission Without Any Cost

  1. Select the Product & Submit Your Design.
  2. Glamats will Create Your Unique Product at No Cost.
  3. Earn a 20% Commission for Each Order.

More Profits

PLAN B: Bulk Customized Your Exclusive Rug

  1. Select the Product & Submit Your Design.
  2. Get Your Exclusive Customized Products at Trade Prices

Collaborate with Glamats

  1. You can share your design link through various platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and iCloud Drive for easy and secure access.
  2. Exclusively for internal evaluation, your design image will not be utilized for any other purposes.
  3. Check our website and social media Every Friday for the shortlisted designs. You'll receive an email if your design is selected.
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